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Dear Brian,
I am writing to thank you for the superb work you and your crew preformed for the installation of our front walkway, steps, rear walkway and patio. Your professionalism, patients and technical abilities are all evident in the successful outcome of the work you performed. It is always an amazing process to see conceptual ideas and drawings on paper evolve into an actual built form. You not only helped to build my vision but you also transformed our home into something special and unique which we will always appreciate. You allowed me the opportunity to directly be a part of the construction which has been an invaluable learning experience for me. Although you took your own creative liberties, you always coordinated the sequence work with us ahead of time and executed a planned approach. This gave us the opportunity to understand and visualize how it was going to look before being constructed. Your attention to detail and understanding of the materials can be seen in every cut stone and joint. The curved steps and circle kit landing come out beautifully. Your experience to run a job is obvious. You were on site from the moment the stone arrived for delivery and inspection all the way to when the last stone was laid. You maintained a neat construction site, staging materials where you needed them and tarping them to protect them from the elements. I am grateful for your dedication to clean up including top soil for the planting beds and yard, re-grading and reseeding to restore the lawn to its original condition.
Our decision to hire you for the project has been a very rewarding experience. It has truly been a pleasure working with you on this interesting project and greatly appreciate your services. We have received many wonderful comments on the work that you performed.
Jim & Jennifer D.
Dear J & N Stafford Corporation
    The city of Baltimore Department of Transportation would like to thank you for your prompt response to our call for contractors during the recent snow event. We would also like to extend our appreciation for your diligent service and exemplary effort in assisting the city of Baltimore in its time of need. Thank you again for all that your company has done for the city of Baltimore in their time of need.


Baltimore City Department of Transportation Emergency Operations Center​Department of the Mayor Of Baltimore