Policy and procedures for all maintenance contracts.



Lawn maintenance will be preformed once every week starting April 01 thru November 30. All trimming of grass areas with string trimmers will be preformed and blowing of all debris and grass clippings. If lawn areas require to have excessive grass clippings removed, this will be done with a vacuum unit on the commercial mowers and will be preformed as needed. Note: Certain lawns may be subject to additional charges. Grass island areas or areas within confined spaces will be cut with a vacuum to avoid excessive grass debris into parking areas, flower beds, gardens, ect. Blowers will be used to remove clippings that do in fact get onto/into these areas from mowing.



Lawn maintenance will be performed once every week starting April 01 thru November 30. Monthly is based on four weekly services and is dependant on weather. If additional cuttings are needed there are no additional charges for these services provided. Advantage over weekly: In certain months there may be five cuttings in one month instead of four, so you save on the extra cutting service by not paying the extra mowing fee. If weather does not permit for services it will be omitted until the following week of as soon as weather permits. Monthly  rates are not subject to any change. Every month the rate is the same regardless of conditions and no credits can be applied due to non-performance of services due to weather conditions. Monthly contracts include services that may be additional charges with weekly service contracts. SEE BELOW

Weekly and Monthly


Curbs along lawn areas, parking lot, driveways, walkways, ect. Will be edged to enhance the look of all lawn areas that meet with these areas. All mulch beds that are adjacent to lawn areas will also be edged to present a neat and separated appearance from lawn. Tree bases with mulch will be edged as needed to neaten the appearance of the trees. Walkways will be edged as well. Average edging is performed one to three times a season and may be subject to more or less.

Weekly and Monthly


Trees, hedges, shrubs, and ground covers will be trimmed to have a fresh manicured appearance at all times. Dead limbs, sprouts, branches, ect. (within reaching height from ground) will be trimmed and/or removed as needed. Weeding: All ground covers, mulch beds, tree bases, will be weeded to present a neat appearance as needed. Average trimming and weeding may be performed one to three times a season and may be subject to more or less.

Weekly and Monthly


Spring and fall cleanups will be performed to remove leaves and debris that may have accumulated over the winter months in the spring, and leaves and debris in the fall. All debris that is cleaned during wither season will be collected and removed with special equipment to dispose of properly.

Fertilization and Treatments


Fertilizing lawn areas will take place in the spring or fall. Treatments will include crabgrass preventatives and Grub/insect controls. All mulch beds will be treated with weed control application and shrubs will be fertilized as needed. Walkways and curb areas will be treated and sprayed to prevent weed growth through cracks and expansion joints where curbs meet pavement and walkways meet lawn areas. Note: There are no labor chares to apply to any fertilizers to lawn areas.



Mulch application is available upon request. Mulch application can be performed from installing new mulch beds to re-dressing existing beds with fresh new mulch. Mulch colors are available in red, black, and brown. Other colors are available but must be ordered. Application is performed with special equipment. Mulch is listed as request, do to the cost rise or decrease from season to season. ASK FOR DETAILS.

Additional services are available upon request. J&N Stafford Corporation is a full service landscaping company from installation of new lawns, walkways, and retaining walls to basic maintenance and landscaping services. all insurance certificates will be provided by carrier upon request. All work will be performed in a timely and highly professional manner. All grounds will be monitored by a professional representative to insure highest quality and professional appearance be present at all times.

Packages above are designed to save the customers money. They are basic procedures to how are company is operated. If certain criteria or accommodations need to be applied to any contract work, it can be done.  The above is a way to see what services you are getting for your hard earned money.

Thank you for your business and trust in our company.

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